All items are one of the kind, hand made in Canada

Thank you for visiting our online store! All items are made by Izabela in Waterloo, Ontario. The pottery is made in our home studio, hand or wheel thrown and fired in an electric kiln. All pottery is Stoneware: suitable for eating and drinking as well as dishwasher and oven safe unless otherwise specified.

We use multiple bodies of clay. Some items are made out red or speckled clay, others made out of porcelain or black clay. You can tell the colour of the clay by looking at the foot of an item- a small unglazed line at the bottom.

Hand made and crafted pottery is a long process. From building, through curing and drying time, two firings in a very hot kiln as well as glazing, the clay goes through drastic physical changes to become a pot. Those processes require knowledge and patience and take anywhere from 5-10 weeks. All of our pots are unique and designed by Izabela. No two items are alike.

Due to difficulty with shipping the fragile items, all our items are currently only available for pick up from our studio in Waterloo, ON. To guarantee the item, you can purchase it online by choosing paypal payment option and contacting us to arrange for a pick up. Alternatively, the delivery in Kitchener- Waterloo area is optional with the additional fee of $10. This fee is not calculated into the price.

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