What is Human Design?

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It is a system that combines astrology, genetics, Chinese I-ching, kabala and the chakra system. Providing your birth date, time and place calculates your specific body graph. Each person has a unique design and potential. We all come to the world with different roles and talents to offer in this life. However, from the early age we are often homogenized into thinking we should act and live in a specific way. In Human Design this is called Conditioning. Conditioning is familial and societal expectations as well as our own human design if we are not taught how to be aware of it. For example, undefined centers in someone with a single definition become a source of conditioning. In someone who is a split definition, the “missing” gates are where most conditioning happens. Human Design consultation helps to discover these areas and learn how to recognize energy as not ours so we can safely let it go.

Your Inner Map

Learning about your type, strategy and authority is essential in understanding how your energy operates.

In Human Design there are 5 different energy types:

– generators

manifesting generators

– projectors

– manifestors


What type are you?

Each type has a different auric energy that determines how we operate. For example, the generator’s energy is warm and enveloping. This attracts the events and people to the generator so that they can respond to it, or not. If a generator is acting like a manifestor and trying to start something new that is not available in their immediate energy field, they will experience frustration. Learning about your own auric energy is going to help you use your strategy, which will align you with the proper experiences and events to ensure success, satisfaction, peace or sweet surprise.

During the Human Design Consultation people are often surprised how much can be told about them from their body graph. It can be astonishing to see how accurate this system is. Human Design is extremely helpful in understanding ourselves first, then in relationship with others and also for parents and teachers, to help guide children and teach them how to be true to themselves.

The Body Graph

The Body Graph is the layout of how energy flows in your body. We all have:
– 9 energy centers
– 64 gates
– 36 channels

The undefined centers and channels are white and defined ones are coloured.

We are each born with different activations based on the planets that were in transit at the time of our birth (personality) as well as approximately 3 months before our birth (body). The personality, or conscious side has a set of gate activations that we are more will likely to recognize about ourself.

The body, or subconscious part is the one that others know us as but we may have hard time recognizing. Imagine that your body wants to do things a certain way but your mind is shutting it down! Wouldn’t that create a constant traction? This traction can eventually cause physical symptoms.

When the gates on the opposite end are activated, the person can have a channel or multiple channels active. This channel connects the two centers and they become defined and you can see they are coloured on your body graph. The defined centers are our consistent energy sources, they are our strengths. The centers that are undefined are white on the body graph, and these centers are our wisdom.

The trained Human Design Consultant is able to tell a lot just from looking at the body graph. For a novice, it can be overwhelming. At Tangible Transformations we offer education in Human Design through a language that is relatable and easy to connect with.

Are you ready to dive in? Choose an option that suits your needs the most!