What is the difference between the Art Lessons and Expressive Art?

At Tangible Transformations we use the word art in two ways:

  1. In Art & Pottery Classes the word art is referred to as a classic discipline of studying form, colour and composition to express the person’s creativity and bring joy and fulfillment as well as beauty, into their life. We teach pottery classes as well as watercolour and sculpture.
  2. In Expressive Art Sessions the word art is used to describe the use of artistic media such as:
    – oil and dry pastels
    – watercolour
    – coloured pencils
    – markers
    – clay
    – acrylic paint
    In Expressive Art Session there is no studying of the art elements and principles, as a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite!

    Read on to find out how the Expressive Art Session looks like, who and what it’s used for and who can sign up and benefit from it.

Why choose Expressive Art?

Expressive Art is becoming increasingly popular as the researchers are finding out more proof of how effective it is in dealing with stress, mental health and improving the brain function. In the 2020 production “Proven Documentary Series: Healing Breakthroughs Backed by Science” the researchers themselves were surprised to find out that Expressive Art Therapy ranked # 3 as the most effective healing modality to deal with PTSD and trauma. #1 was Dance Therapy, another form of art.

As more and more science emerges to show the link between storing the emotional vibrations in the body and how it affects our wellbeing, we can gain more understanding of how to best clear that energetic build up, and why talk therapy is not necessary the best option for that.

When Sigmund Freud first started to propagate the idea of a subconscious and conscious mind at the beginning of the XX century, it was a mysterious and difficult to understand proposition. With our current ability to measure the vibrations and observe the brain & heart activity thanks to modern science we now know that it is not necessary an area of the brain that is subconscious, but rather our habitual chemical landscape that our body is creating without our conscious awareness.

What it means is that each thought and emotion we had since the moment we were born has created a secretion of hormonal release. The more certain thoughts and feelings are repeated, the more overpowering they become. These chemicals regulate our body’s function and become our “inner landscape”, our familiar and comfortable environment. Being born into a certain family, city and even country has an impact on our thoughts and emotions that we generated throughout our lives.
Imagine this: each day every person has 60,000 thoughts, which generate specific emotions. Approximately 95% of these thoughts are subconscious which means we have no awareness of “thinking” them. Now if the person lived for 30 years, how many thoughts and emotions were produced? The number is too great to even conceptualize!

How does that impact the inner landscape? Truth is, that whatever is familiar will be preferred by our bodies, even if the familiar feelings are bringing stress, desperation or sadness. It is simply the matter of convenience- our bodies and inner systems are used to the chemical releases of the emotions we cultivate the most. That is why to change is so difficult. It is also why it won’t happen overnight and requires practice.

There are many options available now to help change the inner landscape and retrain our minds and bodies to adjust to beneficial and health promoting emotions of compassion, peace and love. Science and technology come to the rescue with the newest advances that allow us to control our hearth coherence by the monitors and access our results via bluetooth.At https://www.heartmath.com/ you can learn more about heart coherence and monitoring devices.

There is another, simpler way to mental wellness and subconscious mind which is as old as humanity itself: expression through art. It can help achieve more and quicker then talking and conscious analysis for the simple fact that it accesses the subconscious mind without triggering the conscious awareness. In that regard this method is safer for the trauma survivors as it does not replay or recall painful events, rather guides and trains the body towards the healing and a “new familiar”.

New familiar is the feeling of deep relaxation, affirmative and positive messages that the person leading the session introduces. These messages have a powerful impact on the creation of new, healthy and beneficial thoughts. With practice, this creates a new pattern of positive and affirmative thinking, which results in beneficial emotions of happiness, joy and gratitude.

How does the session look like?

In Expressive Art Session person is guided to a deeper state of relaxation and connects with their body and subconscious. In this deep state in their mind’s eye most people “see” various colours, shapes and lines. These are later expressed through the physical drawing, while still remaining in the deeply relaxed state. There is no talking or logic used, it is an automatic act of release without judgments and attempts of controlling the image.

Even if the person doesn’t “see” anything as they are in the guided relaxation, their body just knows what to do once they sit in front of the piece of paper. It is the body’s wisdom that chooses the colour, the shape and the medium.

While most people prefer the use of pastels for the quick, dramatic expressions, some prefer the quiet and meditative watercolour, the tactile clay or even more defined and confident markers. When the expressing is complete, the person gains insights into the meaning of each line, colour and shape they have created. Sometimes this process takes few days or even weeks. It is recommended to put the art piece in the place when it can be seen daily as the new insights and “aha” moments come to mind. This visual image is a guiding post for the health and wellbeing that the subconscious mind responds to, because it came directly from it. It is like having one’s own inner couch materialize and motivate on a deeper level while all a person needs to do is just gaze onto it! The subtle processes that are happening are beyond logical analysis, but it is not uncommon to experience breakthroughs and clear understanding of one’s patterns as a result.

Are you ready to allow yourself this unique experience and start your transformation?

Here’s what people are saying about their Expressive Art Session with us:

I found izabela Lizon’s Tangible Transformation art healing exercise to be very helpful. We worked with healing energy from trees. That may sound a bit “out there” and I went in with an open mind but also with no intention to feel something I didn’t feel. Izabela immediately put me at ease with her kind and understanding nature. I had answered some questions for her ahead of our session and she used that to write two beautiful personalized guided meditations for me. It’s something I will use again and again. I can’t draw what would traditionally be called art but that didn’t matter. It mostly mattered that I listened to myself and expressed that on paper. I loved closing my eyes and opening my mind to the trees around me. Now when I’m out walking (with my eyes open of course) I don’t feel alone. I feel like there’s a network of trees around me and if I choose to I can draw from their strength. Full disclosure, Izabela was still working on how she would facilitate this art healing module and so did not charge me for the experience, but I feel that this is something well worth trying!