Initial Visit

90 min CAD$ 140

  • consultation on the area of need
  • setting the healing intention
  • connecting to the subconscious mind for a healing image
  • expressing art for healing

Subsequent Visit

60 min- CAN$ 85

90 min- CAN$ 110

  • personalized guided meditation
  • connecting to subconscious mind
  • retrieving a healing image
  • expressing art for healing

Package Deal

4 x 60 min- CAN$ 320

  • combine initial visit with the follow up
  • target specific area of your life to create change
  • spread in time for multiple sessions

Here’s what people are saying about Expressive Art Session with us:


Greetings! I was given the opportunity to have a healing session with Izabela recently… and what an experience it was!!! I wasn’t sure what to expect from the session – see, I’m not all that ‘artistic’ so to speak, and generally leave it to the professionals! Thankfully, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to see how this medium could help me explore parts of my healing journey. I can’t lie, I was a little nervous, but Izabela’s calm voice gently guided me into an incredible place… My Imagination!!!  She started the session with an outline of what the session would look like and gave me space to ask questions, share a little about my path and open the doors to creativity.  She then guided me into a deep meditation where I could feel my energies shifting and found beautiful centre… the beginning of my journey! Once we had completed the meditation portion, I quietly stepped into artistic mode, with the prepared set up – I choose to use brown paper and colourful chalk pastels. I sat down, and low and behold, it just started! As little thinking as possible, and as much flow as possible, my creation was crafted… with love, intention, creativity, and soul. I can honestly say I have never had an experience quite like this before, and I’m very much looking forward to my next session!  I believe I was able to connect to myself in a new way that allows for love and acceptance on all levels, offering new amounts of compassion into my being. I highly recommend exploring yourself in this way, and Izabela is an incredible guide!


I found izabela Lizon’s Tangible Transformation art healing exercise to be very helpful. We worked with healing energy from trees. That may sound a bit “out there” and I went in with an open mind but also with no intention to feel something I didn’t feel. Izabela immediately put me at ease with her kind and understanding nature. I had answered some questions for her ahead of our session and she used that to write two beautiful personalized guided meditations for me. It’s something I will use again and again. I can’t draw what would traditionally be called art but that didn’t matter. It mostly mattered that I listened to myself and expressed that on paper. I loved closing my eyes and opening my mind to the trees around me. Now when I’m out walking (with my eyes open of course) I don’t feel alone. I feel like there’s a network of trees around me and if I choose to I can draw from their strength. Full disclosure, Izabela was still working on how she would facilitate this art healing module and so did not charge me for the experience, but I feel that this is something well worth trying!