“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”
Lao Tzu

Welcome to Gaean Garden. My name is Izabela Lizon, a person who felt called to live a life that feels aligned. In my journey towards healing I was blessed to be guided by a teacher who told me that answers to everything I am looking for are already inside me. Even though I didn’t know what it meant at the time I kept observing everything that I perceived and eventually started to see the brilliance of this guidance.

Through the gifts of observation and meditative practice, I have learned that there are many ways I can live my life and the choice is always mine. I have walked many paths, to get to the one that brought me into myself. I was blessed to be introduced to the art of growing and caring for bonsai trees and in that act I discovered many lessons. Through daily care and love, the tree develops and grows, eventually becoming refined, strong and beautiful. By taking a raw material we can change it into a piece of ever evolving art. The art however is not a finished product, but the act of carrying for the living plant. The highest art is to show up every day and tend to the garden in a patient and mindful way. It is to do the right thing, at the right time for the benefit of all the living beings. Quite often I talked myself out of what I knew was true or my mind was too busy to allow me to be aware in the present moment. In that act of carrying for a bonsai tree, we can learn how to apply that practice to our daily dealings. What seems to be hurtful to the tree, cutting of the branches, pruning of the roots, in a long term contributes to the tree’s health and quality of life. Similarly, it feels uncomfortable to change the unhealthy habits, but it can increase the quality of our life significantly if we take the steps.

Each of us comes to this world with hidden gems, gifts that are meant to be discovered and shared with the world. The sharing however, is really a by- product of our own joy of living. Just like the flower blossoms when the plant is taken care off, we too shine our light when we live true to our nature.

Art classes and Human Design sessions are a space where you can reconnect with your gifts and allow your nature to be without judgment. Whether through play and silliness or more structured guidance, I am here to assist you in meeting your goals.

What is Gaean Garden?

Being born on the planet Earth we are subjected to certain laws of nature. The way things are, the way our bodies are functioning is all meant to be observed and learned from. As stewards of the land, humans are meant to protect and care for our planet. When we remember that the planet provides and cares for us, giving us oxygen to breathe, water and food, we discover the source of ever lasting joy and fulfilment in our lives. We can then appreciate everyday’s gifts and miracles without attaching to them. In the garden the seasons are changing. When the plant dies and ends it’s cycle, nothing is ever wasted and new life sprouts from it. In Gaean Garden everything belongs. Everything has a place and is accepted for what it is.

The gardener knows that all things come and go and keeps on carrying and cultivating the plants according to their needs. Letting go of all the attachment, we can witness each moment as it is, a gift to unfold with our own attention.

Exploring and creating with clay offers connection to the present moment. We allow all the creation to happen, observing and giving space for those who are ready to bring it forward.